Two Footprints in the Walk of Life

We had walked through black
And come out bruised
The result of being battered and used
By people we trusted
I think we found solace in that

Sometimes we talked about the
Hazing of our names from their lives
The way they hacked with knives
Severing any connection to them

It was something we both suffered
And something we wouldn’t wish on the other
But that pain was the only real thing we had in
Common and I’m glad for it in the end

Trekking this world alone is hard enough
Never mind the baggage of it all but we helped
Each other with the haul and somehow made it
To a place where we both felt safe and secure

Yet not at all secure in the absence of one another
Having each others backs just became a ritual
And a co-dependent existence arose from the
Promises to turn the light on as we came and go

And we are beings of different minds and different
Origin stories but there is a fundamental respect
For the battles we have left behind in the past
We both know not to ask how the other is
Because some scars simply exist

But at least they don’t bleed
We found enough gauze in the
Early weeks to drive long enough
To the finishing line and we survived
As morbid as it seems I’m glad the
Suffering wasn’t just mine


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