The Red Sky

Light touches pale blue sea,
A shimmer stretches for miles around me,
Mothers pushing prams, children collecting clams,
Lovers walking in the calm, I would take a photograph,
If the heavy fog was not rolling in, grey bellows
In loud clangs, a mournful din, the bursting dam of chaos
Takes me by surprise as people flee from the sunrise,
But I, I am mesmerized, by the light of the red sky

I stand by sea shelled shore, alone as the ocean
Wages a war, against the impending night, the city
Sleeps unaware of its might, glowing under the cover
Of an orange sun, warming the skin, enticing the run,
From the sweeps of cold unforgiving blue, suddenly
I am the moon, my face is round my eyes are dark,
Splintered and damaged, eerily stark

The waves roll softly and curl at my feet,
The dance has changed to a new beat,
Purple splotches and drips like blood,
And I am alone in this flood, regret and poisons,
Follow the stream, tearing apart the essence of dreams
I have not seen anything as serene
As it slowly takes parts of me

All at once it disappears, taking days, months
and years, a final glint, a falling tear, it
looks so far but feels so near,
If I could only reach so high,
as to catch the unfolding red sky


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