A Sliver of Silence

She is served a sliver of silence
On a plate she used in her childhood
Memories are whispering: come find us
But she is scared of the night and dark places
She remembers those eyes, those cold faces
Of people she loved, people she trusts
Until the day that it falls and everything rusts

Over and she remembers her bike with wheels
Which stilled, frozen in place her adventure stilled
And she rushes to the side of her only friend, killed
By the sudden onset, of a storm, raging inside of her
Since the days she was born she built castles on the moon
And was forever warned this would end, and she was torn

As to whether or not she would open the gates and
Step forwards to meet her fate, she knew it was only a
Matter of time but she was not prepared for the landmine
As she walked along so hesitantly the bridge of her
Sanity exploded and she fell from the sky, not like an
Angel but a bird that couldn’t quite fly

Who hadn’t been taught that these things were wings
Designed for saving hopes and dreams and they were
Waiting patiently to bring her across to their new world
She watched her people hurl little notes from the clouds
They called her back, their voices loud, at first dimmed away
Her covered ears could hear them say
“Come back to us, come back and play.”


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