Not monsters but men

We are but men
In a world that demands a change
We fight against the waves
Of what is dreamed in fantasies
Of monsters and fairies and make-believe
But we are but men

When did this become insignificant?
As if when God created us this is what not he meant
We were not designed to fly, to try, to control the lives
To save the victims from the bad guys
We live, we hope, we die,
We are but men

We are but men
Whose superpower is the power of us
Of a mothers ability to lift a bus
To save the children trapped beneath,
The doctor, the firefighters, the police,
The everyday people who walk the streets
we are but men

and we forget this
in these skewed generations in
the moments when we refuse to face this,
monumental truth that we both win and lose,
there Is no one who can succeed without
first falling, first failing, first missing the clues
and this is what it means

We are but men
Who do not live up to the standards set
Who battle their lives with regret
As if life was a game and we all made the bet
Which one will be our hero, better than the rest
And a child steps forwards cloaked in a red cape
Only wanting to simply escape
Why has no one told them
They are already brave

A loud hum rises above the beliefs of today
Barely heard over the children at play
The novelist spinning the next monster in wait
How can they be so intricate to our fates
We have enough dangers to face
Without creating more to take the place
Of everything we have ever known
Because we are but men


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